Nucleix Establishes Collaborative Research

June 03, 2021

The collaboration will focus initially on evaluating methylation markers believed to be important for the characterization of lung cancer subtypes. Selected markers will be evaluated using EpiCheck – Nucleix’s proprietary platform, which can be run using both PCR and next-generation sequencing technologies, and has shown best-in-class analytical sensitivity.

For those markers that demonstrate efficacy in helping with this characterization, Nucleix will lead the development of new assays. MD Anderson will work to validate assays using in vitro and in vivo cell lines, preclinical models and clinical samples.

“As described in a recent publication in the European Respiratory Journal, our Lung EpiCheck® test is highly sensitive and has the potential to assist in the early detection of lung cancer for high-risk individuals, but we know there is also a significant need for patients who have already been diagnosed and are undergoing treatment,” said Chris Hibberd, chief executive officer of Nucleix. “By collaborating with MD Anderson, we aim to expand the methylation tools available for the assessment and care of this patient population.”

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