Comprehensive ESG Management System
LYFE Capital values Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as essential factors for our investments and portfolio management. Integrating a comprehensive ESG Management system in our investments and daily operations is vital to mitigating risks and creating long-term value for our portfolio companies, the environment, and society as a whole.
We promote eco-friendly measures in operations such as waste reduction and leveraging recyclable resources. This approach not only reduces operational expenses but also increases profitability in a sustainable manner.
Social Responsibility
We’re of firm belief that companies experience increased levels of innovation and productivity when they invest in employee development and create an inclusive work environment. Such measures allow a company to maintain a competitive advantage thereby increasing brand value.
Corporate Governance
We endorse a sophisticated governance system such as board structure, executive compensation, risk mitigation, information disclosure, and FCPA practices. By operating under these controls, our companies perform more efficiently, improve their reputations, and align their interests with investors and stakeholders.